How long does the order complete ? 

In 24 hours, all orders will be completed. It takes more time sometimes.

Can i have refunds for drop followers and likes ? 

No, Likes / followers are going to drop due to the updates. No payments refunds.

Can I cancel the order I placed?

No, orders are permanent, admin can't cancel them.

How to fill in the link according to the service type ?

Twitter Followers

Correct entry is:

Twitter Retweets and Favorites

Correct entry is:

YouTube Video Views

Correct entry is:

Website Traffic

Correct entry is:

How to make mass order ?

Service ID|Link|Quantity

Example: 214|Link|1000

Service ID|Link|Quantity

Example: 52|Link|500

What's the partial status?

If status Partially completed, this means that system cant give more likes / followers to the current page and money is automatically refunded for the likes / followers remains.